Speciality Coffee
Hand roasted in micro batches by Raw Coffee Company, Dubai
V60 - 35 AED
Chemex - 45 AED
Shan State, 1470 masl, sundried natural processed
Black: reminiscent of freshly picked summer berries, dipped in melted dark chocolate.
With milk: soft and sweet, like the people of Ga Naing Yar village who produce this nano lot coffee. With milk this is a coffee chocolate milk shake with sweet red berries.
V60 - 45 AED
Chemex - 55 AED
Libano, 1700 masl, honey processed
Black: beautifully balanced, sweet coffee with notes of pineapple, ripe mango, and a long lingering wild honey finish.
With milk: poached apricots and toffee apples on a summer’s day.
V60 - 100 AED
Chemex - 125 AED
Southern Tolima, 1800 masl.
Step 1 - 72 hour anaerobic fermentation, step 2 - 48 hour aerobic fermentation and sun dried.
Black: more of an experience than a coffee. A fruit medley of flavours like no other coffee, firstly very ripe stone fruit will envelope your senses, apricot jam mouth feel and a finish of guava acidity round this sensational coffee out. Best as it is… black.
With milk: balanced, rich and suggestive of tropical fruits.
L'ETO House Blend
V60 - 35 AED
Chemex - 45 AED
Columbia Planadas, Burundi Matraco, Burundi Businde.
These are family & community run stations that have embraced the sustainability and speciality concept. We pay for the equality and they earn three times more for the coffee than trading on the open market. It is a true partnership from tree to cup.
Black: rich medium body with caramel, nut and chocolate finish. Vibrant & quirky acidity.
With milk: The Cake!
V60 - 35 AED
Chemex - 45 AED
Pitalito, Huila, 1400-2000 masl.
Hand-picked and chemical free, naturally decaffeinated using sugar cane byproduct.
We can hand on heart state this coffee actually tastes good.
Black: low acidity, subtle fruity notes of mellow white melon, and tropical papaya.
With milk: comfort in a cup.
Cold Brew - 42 AED
Espresso & Milk
Double Espresso
20 AED
24 AED
Pot of Americano
32 AED
Cappuccino / Flat White / Latte
28 AED
Piccolo Latte / Cortado
28 AED
42 AED
Plant Based Milk
coconut / almond / soya / oat
Hot Chocolate
39 AED
no coffee content
Arabic coffee
for two 35 AED
for four 60 AED
39 AED
Irresistible Lattes
Ice cube latte
39 AED
Classic Spanish Latte
45 AED
hot or iced
Saffron Spanish Latte
49 AED
hot or iced
Pistachio Latte
46 AED
hot or iced
Green Matcha Latte
42 AED
hot or iced
Premium Loose Leaf Tea Collection
English Breakfast
32 AED
A perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavour notes
Earl Grey
32 AED
An unbelievable aroma that portends an unbelievable taste
Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea
39 AED
A full flavored green tea that has a satisfying light refreshing character
Jasmine Dragon Tears
36 AED
Smooth, delicate and pleasing flavour with a heavenly jasmine character
32 AED
Delivers a delicate balance of flavours combining subtle notes of green tea with the delightfully nutty aroma of roasted brown rice
Morrocan Mint
32 AED
A delightful and exotic blend of gunpowder green tea, mint and a hint of lemon for a fragrant and refreshing taste
Egyptian Chamomile Tea
32 AED
Filled with fragrant flowerheads of the highest quality, this makes for an exceptionally flavorful tea with a notable natural sweetness
Arctic Lingonberry Mint Tea
42 AED
Healing, harvested in arctic and ultimately unique berry teams up with mint for ultimate nature's goodness
Ginger Spice
39 AED
Filled with vitamin C all the way through to fight off any infections
Mint & Lemon
32 AED
Helps digestion & improves well-being
Vegan Smoothies
Green Queen
45 AED
kale, parsley, pineapple, spinach, lemon, ginger, cucumber, coconut water
Pink Dragon
45 AED
red pitaya, guava, lime, agave, banana, fresh blueberry & raspberry
Blueberry Best
45 AED
blueberry, avocado, vanilla, passion fruit, oat milk, vegan yoghurt
Mango Tango
45 AED
mango, peach, chia seeds, coconut creme, roasted almonds
39 AED
strawberry, vanilla ice cream, milk
39 AED
chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, milk
Cookies & Cream
39 AED
Oreo, vanilla ice cream, milk
It's Mojito O'clock
45 AED
mint, sparkling water, sugar syrup and wedged lime
Passion Fruit
45 AED
45 AED
45 AED
Ice Teas
Special Valentine's 
45 AED
secret love and butterflies mix
Jasmine Passion
42 AED
jasmine tea, passionfruit, mint
Pink Lady
45 AED
peach & elderflower
Mint COndition
39 AED
mint, lemon, honey
Freshly Squeezed Juices
Orange / Carrot / Apple / Grapefruit
39 AED
Pineapple / Watermelon
45 AED
Soft Drinks
Coke / Diet Coke
15 AED
Still / Sparkling Water
small 20 AED
large 30 AED
Brunch Menu
All prices are inclusive of VAT