Grains & Bakery
  • V
    Spirulina Yoghurt Granola Bowl
    spirulina, coconut youghurt, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, l'eto house granola
    69 AED
  • V
    Raspberry Pistachio Oatmeal Porridge
    date syrup
    58 AED
  • NF, V
    Strawberry & Apple Pancakes
    home-made strawberry jam, vanilla creme, chia seeds
    69 AED
  • V
    Caramel Banana French Toast
    strawberry & geranium jam, dulce de leche milk
    76 AED
  • V
    Ricotta Pancakes |  Сырники
    home-made strawberry jam, pistachios, raisins
    79 AED
  • V
    Crêpe with Fresh Berries & Nutella
    58 AED
  • V, NF
    Mozzarella Melt Croissant
    45 AED
  • NF, V
    Australian Avocado Rye Bread Tartine
    gently smashed avo & fresh basil, labneh
    59 AED
    ask for egg cooked your way +10 AED
  • NF
    Royal Australian Avocado Rye Bread Tartine
    poached egg, salmon, gently smashed avo & fresh basil, labneh
    79 AED
  • NEW
    VT, NF
    Masala Scrambled Eggs
    onion, chilli, tomato, coriander, garam masala, L'ETO mixed salad, pomegranate and herb butter naan
    69 AED
  • Green Halloumi Bowl
    kale, avocado, egg, grilled halloumi cheese, honey roasted sweet potato, asparagus, bulgur, quinoa, miso dressing
    86 AED
  • Hash Brown & Mushroom Eggs Benedict
    green salad, pecorino, basil oil
    76 AED
  • NF, V
    Red Shakshouka
    poached eggs, house-made smoked paprika salsa, feta cheese
    67 AED
  • NF
    Eggs Benedict with Beef Bacon
    69 AED
  • NF
    Eggs Royal | Smoked Salmon
    79 AED
  • The English
    choice of eggs, l'eto fava beans, grilled cherry tomatoes, beef bacon, beef and chicken sausages, assortment of shimeji and shiitake mushrooms, kale leave salad & toasted sourdough
    95 AED
  • NF
    Traditional Turkish Breakfast
    turkish eggs in garlic & dill yoghurt, sesame simit ring, sujuk sausage
    74 AED

    add traditional mezze +19 AED
  • NF
    Burrata Scrambled Eggs
    shimeji mushrooms, sourdough toasts, sweet tomatoes
    84 AED
  • NF
    Crêpe Au Saumon
    fried egg, smoked salmon, creme fraiche
    69 AED
  • NF, V
    Eggs Any Style on Sourdough
    49 AED
    add avocado +19 AED
    add garden salad +19 AED
    add grilled cherry tomatoes +19 AED
    add roasted shimeji mushrooms +19 AED
    add grilled halloumi +19 AED
    add beef bacon +19 AED
    add bresaola +19 AED
    add smoked salmon +25 AED
    add burrata + 22 AED
    add hash brown +25 AED
    add extra egg +10 AED

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Please inform your waiter if you are allergic to any food before you order due to being produced in a kitchen that contains allergens

GF - gluten free
NF- nut free
V - vegeterian
VG - vegan