Ramadan Specials: Sharing Experience
  • Mixed Grill Platter
    tender chicken breasts with mixed herbs, beef rump steak, marinated prawns, steamed rice or french fries. Dips: hummus, fava beans, baba ganoush, herbed yoghurt
    189 AED
  • Lamb & Rice Pilaf Platter
    braised lamb shank, rice pilaf with mixed nuts, fatoush salad with feta cheese, garden salad. Dips: hummus, mint yoghurt
    199 AED
  • VT
    Vegetarian Platter
    spinach borek, home-made falafel, fattoush salad, honey comb & mascarpone cheese. Dips: hummus, labneh, mint yoghurt
    169 AED
Freshly Baked Croissants Selection
  • NF, V
    Croissant with Creamy Mushrooms
    mozarella and cream croissant with roasted mushrooms
    59 AED
  • Croissant with Crispy Beef Bacon
    mozarella and cream croissant with crispy beef bacon
    65 AED
  • V, NF
    Mozzarella Melt Croissant
    45 AED
    ask for egg cooked your way+10 AED
    add roasted mushrooms +19 AED
    add beef bacon + 19 AED
  • NF
    Creamy Chicken Soup
    59 AED
Salads & Bowls
  • V, NF
    Burrata Summer Salad
    seasonal tomatoes and burrata, balsamic glazed toasted ciabatta, avocado, aromatic oil and fresh basil
    85 AED
  • NF
    Katsu Chicken Rice Bowl
    asian style white rice, breaded chicken, japanese mayo, cabbage salad mix
    85 AED
  • Beef Tagliatta Steak & Rocket Salad
    balsamic dressing, pine nuts, parmesan cheese
    89 AED
  • NF
    Chicken & Beef Bacon Caesar Salad
    homemade caesar dressing, assorted salad greens, crunchy garlic and herb croutons and crispy egg
    85 AED
  • NF
    Grilled Prawns Caesar Salad
    homemade caesar dressing, assorted salad greens, crunchy garlic and herb croutons and crispy egg
    97 AED
  • Green Halloumi Bowl

    kale, avocado, egg, grilled halloumi cheese, honey roasted sweet potato, asparagus, quinoa, bulgur, miso dressing
    86 AED
Pasta & Risotto
  • NF, V
    Pasta Al Pomodoro & Burrata
    87 AED
    add chicken +25 AED
    add garlic prawns +35 AED
  • GF, NF, V
    Wild Mushroom Risotto
    89 AED

    add garlic prawns +35 AED
    add chicken +25 AED
    add burrata +22 AED
  • Creamy Chicken & Spinach Rigatoni
    Creamy mushroom and spinach sauce, chicken breast, baby plum tomato
    89 AED
Main Courses
  • NF
    Club Sandwich
    L'ETO bakehouse brioche bread, fresh lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon and chicken breast, fried egg, mashed avocado and house made sriracha sauce, pea shoot & tomato salad
    89 AED

    add french fries + 25 AED
    add sweet potato fries + 25 AED
    add truffled french fries with parmesan + 38 AED
  • Wagyu Beef Sliders
    House-made barbecue sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato, french fries
    85 AED
  • Dynamite Shrimp Sliders
    Dynamite sauce, prawn patty, mashed avo, slaw salad, french fries
    89 AED


  • French Fries
    25 AED
  • Truffled Fries with Parmesan

    38 AED
  • Sweet Potato Fries
    25 AED
  • Mashed Potato
    25 AED
  • Garden Salad
    19 AED
  • Steamed rice
    15 AED
  • Chicken
    25 AED
  • Garlic Prawns
    35 AED
  • V
    Caramel Banana French Toast
    strawberry & geranium jam, dulce de leche milk
    76 AED
  • V
    Acai Granola Bowl
    antioxidant rich acai, yoghurt, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, l'eto house granola
    64 AED

    ask for coconut yoghurt option +10 AED VG

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Please inform your waiter if you are allergic to any food before you order due to being produced in a kitchen that contains allergens

GF - gluten free
NF- nut free
V - vegeterian
VG - vegan